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Balance Math Teaches Algebra!

I don’t think I’ve made it a secret that I’m a math geek. I love algebra, especially word problems. And even though I call(ed) myself a classical educator, I’ve differed in my philosophy of math education. I’ve always stressed conceptual understanding over computational skills. (In hindsight maybe I should have stressed computational skills and memorization […]

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Write with WORLD Review

Have you heard of WORLD magazine? It’s a Christian news magazine, published every other week. I’m not a subscriber, but I have read a few articles,¬†and it is a high quality magazine. WORLD magazine is entering the curriculum business, and what could be more fitting than with a writing curriculum? This paragraph from the introduction […]

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TruthQuest Homeschool History Curriculum

Warning. I’m going to begin this review in an unconventional way. I’m going to begin by telling you who should not use TruthQuest Homeschool History¬†curriculum. You should not use TruthQuest History if: You want a daily schedule with exact pages to read. You want a weekly plan with a list of suggested books. Your student […]

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