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Inventor Lapbook

Here are the pictures of my ds lapbook on inventors.  He’s 9-1/2 years old.  My daughter made one too, but they’re similar so I’m not posting pictures of hers.   By Kristen H.

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Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookie Company

We went on a field trip Monday to Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookie Company.  There were several homeschool families from our church that went together.  It was very interesting and we got to sample all 6 flavors of cookies. The cookies are all still hand rolled

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Botany notebook pages

This is a page from my daughter’s botany notebook on roots.  It’s kind of hard to read because she writes in pencil, but I was really pleased with her work.     By Kristen H.

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David Livingstone Lapbooks

Here are pictures from my 9 yo son’s and 7 yo daughter’s lapbooks. We used a couple of books from Hands of a Child’s Missionary Pack and then pulled in a few things about the Kalahari Dessert.  Overall I am really pleased with them.  The