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Inventor Lapbook

Here are the pictures of my ds lapbook on inventors.  He’s 9-1/2 years old.  My daughter made one too, but they’re similar so I’m not posting pictures of hers.   By Kristen H.

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For anyone who enjoys maps, I just found a really fun geography website.  The site has maps of the world where the areas of the countries are relatively enlarged or shrunken for comparisons to other nations.  For example, this is the Total Population map.  You an see that China and India are much “fatter” than the […]

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Thanksgiving Preparation

Today I have made sweet potato casserole (except for topping and baking), a pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce.  I had the kids clean the dining room table and chairs.  I need to do a little more cleaning, but not too bad, so I decided to take a little break. I finished making a photo collage […]

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My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. My husband gave me my first gift on Thursday evening which was this coffee maker.  Then yesterday morning I didn’t get up at 5:20 to work out at the Y.  In fact, I didn’t get out of bed until 7:30 and I stayed in my pajamas until 10:30 (that is not something […]

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I have let more time go by without posting than I meant to.  We have been fairly busy lately.  DH had the day off today for Veteran’s Day so we did a very light school day.  He (with my assistance ) put 3 new bathroom faucets in this morning.  I made this little centerpiece for […]

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Slow water leak…..$50/month and growing New water line …..$695 Watching children watch the backhoe ………Priceless   My 5 year old has a cute way about him.  If he’s watching a video about a fire truck, he has to go get his fire truck.  If we read a book about a train, then he has to […]

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Christianity and Liberalism

The following is a quote from the book Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen, copyright 1923.  This section is from page 176 and it is a summary of the things that needed to happen to fix the trend toward liberalism in the church. In the fourth place – the most important thing of all- […]

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