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Keeping Track of Library Books – No More Fines

Everyone knows that homeschoolers love the library. And sometimes they share their record-breaking library overdue fines. Whenever this happens, there are some who mention that they have stopped using the library because they have spent more money on fines than would have to buy books. While I am

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Organizing Computer Files

A lot of people, including me, make New Year’s Resolutions to declutter their home and to simplify. But I bet not as many people resolve to declutter and organize their computer files. Photo credit – Marcin Wichary Keeping Your Computer Organized is Essential You may

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Despite the fact that I get a lot done, I do not consider myself a high energy person. So I wasn’t really concerned with how tired I have been. At least not at first. I homeschool 5 children, work part-time from home, do the housekeeping,

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Review

In November I happened to see a post in my Facebook feed about signing up for a chance to be on the launch team for Crystal Paine’s (Money Saving Mom) upcoming book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. Based on the title alone, I decided to

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2013 is Almost Gone

It’s hard to say it without sounding cliche, but time really does fly. Even more so the older that I get. As I reflect upon another year, I hope that I have grown. I know that I have, but it’s sometimes hard to see in

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Have a blessed day celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.   By Kristen H.

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Christmas Preparations

I am so happy to report that I have finished all the Christmas shopping! And yes, I know that is nothing special for December 19th (some people are finished in July, but I am NOT one of those people.) I also mailed out the last

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Putting on the Spirit

I have a confession. I have trouble being consistent with studying the Bible. I want to. I plan to. But all too often, I let things get in the way. Like sleep. Or the computer. Or chores. Honestly, the thing that worked the best and

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How to Make Catalog Christmas Trees

I love making decorations for Christmas. But it’s hard to spend extra money on craft supplies at Christmas with an already stretched budget. (Really, I SHOULD think about Christmas crafting all year long, but I never do.) But if your house is anything like ours,