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Organizing Computer Files

A lot of people, including me, make New Year’s Resolutions to declutter their home and to simplify. But I bet not as many people resolve to declutter and organize their computer files. Photo credit – Marcin Wichary Keeping Your Computer Organized is Essential You may not realize it, but keeping your computer organized and decluttered […]

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Freedom from Distraction

Distraction As I set my goals this year,  I started by thinking about some of what I had been struggling with during the previous year. I was frazzled. I felt pulled in all directions. I lacked focus. I wasn’t paying enough attention to any of my children during “school time”. I was exhausted. I determined that there were […]

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HearBuilder Auditory Memory Software Program

Do you know a child who has trouble following directions? Or one who can’t remember things he hears? I do! William, my 10 year old, has many learning difficulties. One of them seems to be related to auditory processing. (I do not have an official diagnosis of auditory processing disorder, but he is definitely weak […]

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CapJaxMathFax Review

Learning math facts brings up images of studying boring flash cards. And I don’t just mean boring for the kids! I really do think drilling math facts is important, but it has not been something that I’ve made enough time to work on with my kids. It takes time and my time is spread really thin […]

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