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I finally figured out at least one way to post my schedules here.  I converted my spreadsheets to images and then post just like pictures.

 This is our MWF schedule.

Our Tuesday/Thursday schedule.

This is our chore list. It tells us what to do when our schedule says morning chores, etc.

I ran across a very intriguing scheduling idea at The Classical Circus.  She calls it “The Loop”.  The basic idea is that you have a list of school tasks that you do in order for a specified amount of time.  When your time is finished, you’re finished for the day and the next day you start on the list where you left off.  For example, you might start your studies with math for your oldest student, then math with next student, then Latin for oldest, then Latin for next student, Reading with younger children, history with everyone, etc.  If one day you get through reading with your younger children but don’t get to history, then the next day you would begin with history.  This idea has really got me thinking.  My two biggest teaching struggles (at least as far as scheduling goes) is finding time to teach my 3rd child and making time for history and science.  We’re really good at getting our core subjects done for my older two children, but science and history have floundered somewhat.  I manage to get us through them sometimes but we usually end up rushing because of my desire to “finish the book”.   I know some of the problem is the need to adjust my thinking.  So (big shock) my beautiful schedule is already at risk of being changed and we haven’t even started school yet!

By Kristen H.
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6 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. I like your schedule and It's given me ideas for our own – you just might see something similar (maybe "copied" is more like it) up on our website! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link :o). I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time fitting it all in. Nice blog!

  3. You and I are so similar in regards to scheduling and school that it's funny. I have wondered myself how to post my schedules and lesson plans and such. I'll have to give this a try.


  4. Your schedule looks similar to mine except that I don't schedule "time" for different subjects for my older kids. They have till noon to get done with school or they get no fun things that day! They chose what to do first.

    As far as the independence, see the comment I made back on my blog but it's a process. You have to hold accountable (especially for one who's not "motivated" to do school.) It looks like you have "meeting" times in your schedule which is where I do this. When mine were in third grade the only subject they were really "independent" with was math. There were "parts" of others but they still needed me. Over time they get more and more.

    Hope that helps a little.


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