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Over on His Mercy is New and Our Busy Homeschool I was introduced to a unique internet tool. Wordle.net creates those neat word clouds. You can enter words, paste a document, or enter any url and it will create an image from that. Then you can customize the orientation and the colors to create a cloud that is uniquely you!

This is what I got for A Day in the Life.

One word of caution: This site is uncensored and if you go into the gallery you might see wordle creations that are offensive. You can use the site without entering the gallery, but the homepage has the most recently created wordles.

By Kristen H.
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  1. momofsix says:

    I haven't heard of that before. It would be neat to play with that and have it on a tshirt for the children. Do you think that can be done? Your word cloud is really colorful and interesting.

  2. kristenph says:

    You could make a t-shirt, by taking a screen shot, cropping so that just the wordle portion was showing and then printing on the iron-on transfer paper. You would also need to make it a mirror image before printing. I know I've seen that option somewhere. I'm not sure where though…

  3. ElCloud says:

    My wordle was a bit different. The largest word was LAUNDRY. Yikes! Perhaps my blog focus is a bit off lately. LOL!!

    I answered your question at my blog, in the comments. Thanks for stopping by to see my schoolroom. :-)


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