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I should mention that I really don’t like to dust. It’s one of the chores that I try to assign to my kids. My bedroom furniture is particularly difficult because it has grooves that are hard to get to. Here’s a picture of the cabinet on the front of the chest after not dusting it for months, weeks, a few days. I intentionally didn’t dust for the experimental purposes. (I’m not a very good liar.)

(I really can’t believe what I will take pictures of!)

This is after dusting it with a dust cloth.

And here is the final product after using the canned air.

There is still some dust in the corner, but overall a great improvement. And it’s quick and easy too. I’m certainly not going crazy dusting with the canned air every day, but when I actually do dust, I’ve finally found a way that Works for Me!


By Kristen H.
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  1. mansemamma says:

    Ooooh, good one! I'd have never thought of that. Maybe I'll save that for when the nesting instinct kicks in. Then the kids will REALLY think I've gone nuts! :) Dusting isn't one of my favorites either, and I've really gone downhill since my feather duster fell apart. I really need to just break down and buy a new one. This house has too much woodwork! Your tip will definitely help with the smaller stuff though.



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