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Thicker than Blood by C.J. Darlington

Homeschool Graduate Pens Award-winning Christian Novel!

[Lititz, PA]—“If it weren’t for homeschooling, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” says C.J. Darlington, a homeschool graduate who started writing her first novel when she was fifteen-years-old. That novel, Thicker than Blood, recently won the Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest.

The grand prize included $20,000 and publication by renowned publisher Tyndale House. Thicker than Blood has now hit bookstores across the country and is even being featured in select Walmart stores.

With endorsements from the likes of Jerry B. Jenkins, Rebecca St.
James, Susan Meissner, and James Scott Bell, Thicker than Blood tells the story of estranged sisters May and Christy Williams. Booklist has called it a “modern twist on the prodigal son story” and ultimately the novel delivers a message of the forgiving and redemptive power of God available to all those hurting among us.

“I hope my journey encourages homeschool parents to keep the faith and never give up,” C.J. says. “You’re giving your kids an awesome gift by homeschooling them. I’m living proof that
homeschooling works!”

My thoughts: This book grabbed me from the very first page. I could hardly put it down and managed to read all 372 pages in 2 days! It was full of turmoil and suspense. I kept wondering how some of the issues would be resolved. I was able to predict part of the ending, but much of the plot took me be surprise as it unfolded.

I also loved the characters and the story of how Christy discovers that God loves her as she is and doesn’t have to do anything to gain his favor. We all are in the same position as Christy, even if our lives have not been as tragic. We all are helpless to earn God’s favor and need Christ’s blood to cover our sins.

This is an excellent first novel by C.J. Darlington. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading Christian fiction.

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Next on my reading list:

Jane Austen
by Peter Leithart.

Disclosure: I received this book from the author to review. I was not compensated in any way other than receiving a free book. This post contains affiliate links.

By Kristen H.
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2 thoughts on “Thicker than Blood”

  1. This one is on my wish list. I discovered C.J. a couple months ago and have been following her blog. Looking forward to reading it.

    Robin of My Two Blessings

  2. I want to read Leithart's Jane Austen book, too.

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