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Dive into Your Imagination – What Makes a Fish a Fish? Review

As homeschoolers we have the ability to take time out and go down rabbit trails with our children as they discover things that interest them. I want my children to find something they’re passionate about and hopefully be able to convert that into a career. And even if they aren’t able to use their passion […]

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CapJaxMathFax Review

Learning math facts brings up images of studying boring flash cards. And I don’t just mean boring for the kids! I really do think drilling math facts is important, but it has not been something that I’ve made enough time to work on with my kids.┬áIt takes time and my time is spread really thin […]

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Go Science at Library and Educational Services

Science experiments. We really don’t get along. It all started in the 9th grade when I caught the towel on fire in the lab. I seem to have struggled with science labs ever since. And I’ve taken a lot of lab classes. I don’t know what it is about me, maybe I’m just bad luck […]

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Judah Bible Curriculum

I am extremely particular when it comes to choosing a Bible curriculum. In fact, I’m so particular, that we’ve never actually used any Bible curriculum for very long. There are several things that are absolute musts for me: I will not use an over-simplified fill-in-the-blank type Bible program. These might be useful for teaching Bible […]

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