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Sugar Creek Gang Review #hsreviews

Do you long for the good ole days when children played outside with their friends, went fishing, and had great adventures? I know that a lot has changed in the few, short, ahem, years since I was a child. No, I didn’t grow up in the country, but my friends and I did ride our […]

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Crossbow Education: Eye Level Reading Rulers Review

My son William had a lot of trouble learning to read. I read all the advice that said not to worry about it. “It will come.” “Some kids are just late readers.” It was helpful advice when he was 6. It was a little less helpful at 7. After he was 8 and even 9, […]

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Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Six years ago this morning I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Nine months earlier, I found out I was pregnant from the surgeon who had removed my gall bladder the week before. He was very concerned (near panicked) when he called me to tell me the news. The day before, at my post-op […]

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