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Spiral Math: The post where I admit I was wrong

Hopefully that got your attention. And maybe it was a bit strong, but I’ve learned something. I’ve always been a big believer in choosing math curricula that focus on understanding rather than rote learning. Here’s my post from last year’s Virtual Curriculum Fair: Thinking Mathematically: How I Choose Math Curriculum And while I don’t have […]

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Loving Language Arts

I’m participating in the Virtual Curriculum Fair at Homeschool Heart and Mind again this year because I can’t get enough curriculum talk! This is our 10th year of homeschooling and during that time we’ve used a lot of different resources for language arts. Some I’ve used with more than one child, other things have been […]

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One Word

┬áIf you read blogs, I’m sure you’ve seen them. The posts where people choose one word to represent their yearly theme. I’ve always thought those were a neat idea, but the perfectionist in me has trouble picking just one word. How can one word stand for everything I want to do? As I think back […]

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