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Begin > Edited by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

What is the first book of the Bible a new believer should read? I’ve always heard you should start with the Gospel of John. But in Begin, a new book from New Leaf Publishing Group, Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge suggest starting somewhere else: Genesis. I agree with their logic. In Genesis we learn the […]

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Dragons – Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs

  Everyone knows that dinosaurs lived millions of years before humans, right? If humans and dinosaurs had lived at the same time there should be some evidence and there isn’t…or is there? What exactly are dragons? Are they a mythical creature that never really existed? Or could they be (or have been) real? Dragons – […]

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Tapestry of Grace vs. Sonlight

Are you trying to decide between Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight? Both programs provide tremendous exposure to literature. In addition, they both integrate history, geography, and Bible and each is written from a Christian perspective. Here are some major items to consider as you make your decision. Similarities Both Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight Present […]

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