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One2Believe Review

As an alternate for the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was given a Nativity Set by One2Believe to review. One2Believe is a company that specializes in Bible-based toys. Their vision, from their website, is: to help children learn important Bible lessons and to have them come to faith in Jesus. Our goal is to provide fun […]

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Studying Mythology

There is a lot of disagreement among homeschoolers concerning the value of studying mythology.  Some, especially strict Classical homeschoolers or Latin-centered homeschoolers, place great attention on mythology in the early years. The article Why Pagans? by Cheryl Lowe of Memoria Press is a short defense on the value of studying the Greek and Roman culture. […]

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Busyness and Baby’s Birthday

It seems that suddenly I have gotten very busy.  I have to watch my level of activity to make sure that the things that I’m doing are really worth the time and energy spent doing them.  I think that I am doing good things right now and this feeling of extra busyness will soon pass.  […]

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I have been thinking about thankfulness lately.  I think I tend to start thinking these thoughts every fall because of the approach of Thanksgiving, but I also have been somewhat discouraged in seeing ungrateful behaviors in my children.  Well, unfortunately the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree you know?  I think that God sometimes […]

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Paper Making

This week our TOG studies have brought us to Ancient China.  Frankly, one week is not really enough time to go into much detail, so we’ve down a broad overview.  Our favorite activity (so far) has been papermaking. We made recycled paper. (Meaning, we made paper out of paper.) Step 1: Rip 1 sheet of […]

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This week is our local fair.  For the first time ever, we entered some of our projects.  My older son entered a drawing and poem, my older daughter entered a drawing and peanut butter cookies. I even joined in and entered 2 photographs and fudge. My daughter’s cookies won 3rd place! My fudge won 1st […]

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My 8 year old daughter completed weaving a small doll blanket using a 14 inch cardboard square for a loom. We made the loom by making a small mark every 1/4 inch along 2 opposite sides of the cardboard.  Then I cut a 3/4 inch slit with scissors to line up with each mark. Here’s […]

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Carnival of Homeschooling

Simple Pleasures is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling today. She has divided the many entries up into different “pleasures” of homeschooling. Among the categories are The Pleasure of Discovery, The Pleasure of Worship, The Pleasure of Frugality, The Pleasure of Daily Work, and The Pleasure of Individuality. Be sure to check it out! By Kristen […]

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