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I’ve been busy.

It’s tough coming back from a long trip. I’ve had to catch up on things at HSB. I’ve had to catch up on laundry. This week I also had to finish preparing the Kids 4 Truth cards for our children’s ministry and prepare clothes for a consignment sale.

School was just “do the next thing”. Without planning ahead. It’s been a bit…frazzling. I feel like I’ve been pulled in a million directions this week.

I’ve got lots of things floating around in my head, and I think it’s time to record what I need to work on in the next several weeks. So I’m just going to brainstorm my list right here. These are not in order of priority, just order of my thinking of them.

Are you excited? Probably not, but oh well.

  1. Switch the kids’ winter clothes for spring clothes.
  2. Clean out kids’ closets.
  3. Do a thorough dusting of the kids’ rooms.
  4. Change upstairs filter.
  5. Do a thorough vacuuming of kids’ rooms.
  6. Figure out where I’m going to store baby’s clothes in the boys’ room.
  7. Take down bassinet.
  8. Wash windows in kids’ rooms.
  9. Purge kids’ bookshelves.
  10. Catch up on grading.
  11. Plan next week’s school.
  12. Figure out where we are and when we’re going to finish this year.
  13. Research next year’s curriculum.
  14. Write 3 book reviews.
  15. Write 2 curriculum reviews.
  16. Finish article for TOS Summer Edition.
  17. Start exercising.
  18. Thoroughly dust my bedroom.
  19. Thoroughly vacuum my bedroom.
  20. Straighten out my bookshelves.
  21. Straighten closet.
  22. Wash windows.
  23. Wash kitchen windows.
  24. Wash living room windows.
  25. Clean baseboards and chair rails on main level.
  26. Thoroughly scrub bathrooms.
  27. Go to Goodwill.
  28. Return jeans from daughter’s birthday.
  29. Put together information for son’s doctor’s appointment.
  30. Kiss my baby. (Actually, I make plenty of time for that one.)

I am not going to be doing all these things unassisted. The kids will work with me on most of the household cleaning and organizing projects.

And here’s a picture. Just because it’s cute.


By Kristen H.
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7 thoughts on “My List”

  1. Cute is an understatement! I wish I could come hold him while you ticked some stuff off your to do list. I miss my babies!! Don’t let that list keep you from enjoying very single minute with him. My list often did 🙁

  2. Your little one is so sweet! Maybe you should forget your “To Do” list and just go cuddle him all day? 😉

    Okay, seriously, your list resembles mine. I do keep a mix of some off-season clothing in the drawers for each child, so I’m not in a big hurry to switch out the seasonal clothing yet, but I think I have more reviews to write than you do. And probably more spring cleaning projects, too. 😉

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