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Thanksgiving Menu

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We have for the last several years played host for Thanksgiving dinner for my husband’s family. It’s not a huge group of people (it usually just adds 5 people to our family), so it’s not that difficult. But it’s still a LOT more side dishes than I usually make for a typical meal. I started to panic when I realized that Thanksgiving was this Thursday and I hadn’t done anything to prepare. So I started with the menu and realized that we’ve got it pretty set now. I could add a different dish, but we’re pretty set in our traditions, so I think this year we’ll have the same menu as last. It certainly makes my planning easy!

Thanksgiving 2010-3

Our menu (I’ll be linking to my recipes as I get them posted):


Stuffing (this is not stuffed in the bird and my mother-in-law always prepares it at her house and brings it over.)

Rice Pilaf (Near East Almond flavored)

Spinach Salad

Orange  Cranberry sauce

Sweet Potato Casserole

Dinner rolls (Sometimes I make these, but this year it’s Sister Schubert!)

Pumpkin Pie (my mother-in-law makes this using the linked recipe except she substitutes brown sugar for the white sugar.)

Homemade whipped cream

By Kristen H.
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One thought on “Thanksgiving Menu”

  1. JoAnn says:

    What a yummy looking menu. I have our menu written out too, but we will be at friends house this year, so I don’t have to much to make for Thursday. But I’ll be making a full meal on Friday so we have our leftovers. But on Friday there’s not a time crunch or anything, so much less stressful. :)

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