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Economics for Everybody Review

I’m working on planning next year’s curriculum. Confession time, I’m almost ALWAYS planning next year’s curriculum. Maybe I should spend more time focusing on THIS year’s? David is in high school now. I worried and fretted about it for years ahead of time. But actually,

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Sugar Creek Gang Review #hsreviews

Do you long for the good ole days when children played outside with their friends, went fishing, and had great adventures? I know that a lot has changed in the few, short, ahem, years since I was a child. No, I didn’t grow up in

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Speekee Review

Much research has shown that early childhood is an ideal time to begin learning a foreign language. Because of this, I’ve always tried to expose my children to Spanish at a young age. I chose Spanish mainly because it’s the easiest foreign language to find

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Costumes with Character

Do your children like to act out their history lessons? Do you want to make history come alive? Does your history curriculum suggest activities like dressing in historical clothing? I have a fantastic resource to recommend. I was recently given a copy of Costumes with

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Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers

Every year I make a list of topics to study with the kids, and every year I include hymn study. And every year I fail to get it done. That doesn’t mean that my children do not know any hymns. They actually know many, many

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Vocab Videos Review

I’ve always thought that the best way to learn vocabulary was naturally. Students can learn vocabulary from their reading. They can also learn from hearing words used in conversation. My husband is especially good at using “hard” words with the children.We’ve also chosen to study