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Benefits of Outside Classes for Homeschoolers

Whew. Did you hear that big sigh of relief? We finished up the last of our outside classes on April 30. It was a great experience for David (10th) and Anna (8th), but it did make for hectic Mondays. A level of hectic that I’m not used to since we’ve always homeschooled. I’m glad they’re […]

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Excellence in Literature Review

As a classical educator (sort of), I value the study of classic literature. I want my children (and myself) to have an understanding of the themes and messages found in classic books. I have a problem though. I do not really “get” a lot of literature myself. While other homeschoolers quake at the thought of […]

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Light Speed – U.S. gov & politics

The Cerebellum Corporation is a leading producer and distributor of educational programming. Their Light Speed Learning collection topics each consist of a fast-paced video production and a digital workbook. I received the U.S. Gov and Politics AP Exam Prep video to review. The DVD is 73 minutes long and consists of? 3 main sections. The […]

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